Thursday, 31 January 2013

1873 Bustle Gown

Well here it is my UFO not quite there but nearly done.  I felt like throwing it out of the window as it was so hard to pick up from where I had finished it in  2008/9 and if that was not enough I had grown somewhat as you can see from my dummy the bodice doesn't fit at all.

I will leave it now and hopefully will get it finished with all the embelishment on it which I am sure will make a big difference as you cant see any of the detail that has already been sewn.

The Challenge: UFO

Fabric: Cotton silk mixed
Pattern  Truly Victorian Parlour Skirt and Apron and the Bodice self drafted
Year: 1873
Notions to be added  at the embelishments challenge
How historically accurate is it? 85%
Hours to complete: too many to remember
First worn:  not yet
Total cost: I think the material was bought on 'special' at a very low price a number of  years before 2008

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