Sunday, 3 February 2013

1897 Corset Cover

Today I had to re draft the pattern for the Corset Cover as it was only 42" Bust and I am 46". That took me some  time but it is now finished. I then cut out the first  toille hopefully  it will fit. Tomorrow I will don my 1890's corset and see how well I have drafted.

The tiole fitted fine so it is now ready to be sewn.

The pattern called for spotted foulard which is a silk material I dont have. As I aim not to spend any monies on this garment I look through my stash and found this lovley soft cotton with a discreet shine on the right side which would do just fine. I also found the trim in my stash so the only thing I had to buy was the sewing thread.


 This is the finished corset cover I like it very much and will enjoy wearing it.

The Challenge:                       Three
Fabric:                                    Cotton Sateen
Pattern:                                   Ageless Patterns
Year:                                      1897
Notions:                                  Sateen ribbon
How historically accurate is it? 100%
Hours to complete:                  approx twenty four
First worn:                              not worn
Total cost:                               nil

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