Sunday, 2 December 2012

Regency Picnic

Well, yesterday was just lovely the weather was perfect and we all had our Regency outfits on .   I stepped back from the rest and what I saw was something that looked as though I had stepped back in time it was a lovely picture. There was beautiful crockery and tables were set  with scrumptious food of the time and most of us had a glass of wine to drink, there was of course tea and coffee.

I wore my blue cotton 1810 dress with my lace Fichu, I  was so comfortable, I had my curls and my cotton day cap on and I looked just like "Mrs Bennett" out of "Pride and Prejudice".  Among many photo's taken there is one which I am looking forward to seeing  "Mrs Bennett (me) and her  five daughters" (all the daughters looked as though they had aged a bit since the filming) but it was all good fun.

For entertainment some played croquet, some were sewing and others, like me just chatted and caught  up with other members of the Society.

The highlight of the day was our brand new associate member who was all of  five weeks old and in her first regency costume and of course "Mrs Bennett" had to have a cuddle (another picture was taken).

Then it was time to go home we said our goodbye's all agreeing that it had been a very enjoyable time and looking forward to our next Christmas break up.

 Me and our newest member Isobelle. She is wearing the dress and cap that I made for her.

 Victoriana Group Photo.

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