Sunday, 9 June 2013

 For this challenge . 
I have remade the back of my 1533 gown which is far too small for me it was not an easy job but it fits squares and triangles challenge.  I have made the back 2" longer and 4" wider  it looks very nice and I am looking forward to wearing it again.
 This is the front of the Gown it is fully boned
I tried to show you the sleeve but it did not come out very good  it does not show the slashed sleeves
Another view of the sleeve with the trim going down the full length of the sleeve
  This is the back and as you can see it is not finished and I have to add more trim
This is one view of the inside of the back with all the new work showing
 The other side showing the hand work done

The Challenge 11 Squares, Rectangles & Triangles
Fabric:Rayon Velvet

Pattern: Pianting



How historically accurate is it? 100% mostly hand sewn

Hours to complete: 45 hours

First worn: 15th May

Total cost Zero. 

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