Tuesday, 14 May 2013


As I dont read much I have decided to make a late 18th century Fishu - Handkerchief  which I hope to wear with the 1790's Caraco dress (the petticoat and shoes I have already made) and as I dont have the corset made yet so I cannot make the Caraco jacket it should get made soon I hope.   The only thing left to me was the Fishu

I am really sorry about having to put a seam down the middle of the back but I had no choice as 
I did not have that much material.

The Challenge 10 -Literature
Fabric: solid stripped gauze

Pattern: none

Year: 1790

Notions: Cotton thread

How historically accurate is it? I don't know but I will be hand sewn

Hours to complete: 8 hours

First worn: for the picture but will be worn in June

Total cost material from my stash.

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