Sunday, 14 April 2013

Flora and Fauna

Challenge 9

Flora and Fauna

1873 Hat 

I already had the materials including a small black straw with the back turned up.  I had bought it to make an 1873 hat around 2006  so this hat cost me nothing as all the decorations were out of my stack..

The Challenge:9

Fabric: Straw, feathers art flowers piece of lace

Pattern: one
Year: 1825


How historically accurate is it? copy of an original with the use of different colours etc

Hours to complete: 4 hours

First worn: ever will be worn when I go to an event which calls for the 1873 dress I have finished on the fortnightly sewing.

Total co; Nil

As I had finished the 1873 hat for the Challenge early I was trying to think of what else I could do.
Then I remembered that  after an event   I had to loan an 1835's bonnet from a friend as my own one was far to large and wide on the brim I just did not like it and thought that I should take it down to the frame and re-do it, shouldn't take me long I told myself 11 hours later all was finished except the ties which I did this morning another hour soon passed  and thank goodness it is now finished and I will be able to wear it  at another event this weekend.

The Challenge:9

Fabric: Cotton, Buckrum
Year: 1835

Notions: Feathers and Trim

How historically accurate is it?  I do not think it is inaccurate as the pattern I used when I first made it said it was period correct.

Hours to complete: 11 hours

First worn: The 'NEW' bonnet will be worn this weekend

Total co; Nil

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